Writing Services

Punchline Communications Inc. provides specialized and general writing services for  jobs of any size. We can meet with you in-person or through a video call to discuss your needs with topic, medium, and intended audience in mind. Once writing is complete, all text will be reviewed by our in-house editorial team.

Creative Writing

No matter your project, our creative writing services deliver professional and original text. We work with businesses and organizations on everything from press releases and ads, to Kickstarter pages and LinkedIn profiles.


Do you have a document that needs rewriting? A rough draft, but no time to finish it? Let us do the work for you. Based on content and research supplied by you, we can rewrite the text while keeping tone and voice intact.

Rewriting may include some research and original writing.

Specialized Writing

Our specialist writer is experienced in writing and editing scientific texts, including scientific articles, grant proposals, book chapters, presentations, and abstracts. We can help you whether you wish to present scientific information to academics and professionals or to the general public.

Contact us for more information.

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