Proofreading Services

In publishing terms, proofreading is the reading of hard-copy galley proofs or of a digital copy of a publication to identify errors in text, art, layout, and/or typography. As the final stage before publishing, proofreading requires a keen eye and a high level of accuracy.

Punchline Communications Inc. can take the final look at your document before it is published in print or electronically. If any errors exist, we will find them before your readers do.

Our proofreading services

  • identifies any errors in the text that were missed or introduced during the editing, design, and production processes
  • reviews the aesthetics of your publication
  • verifies correct alignment, placement of illustrations, page numbering, running heads, captions, fonts, etc.

Please note that in some countries, proofreading refers to what we typically define as copy editing in North America. If you are looking for someone to check your document for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, sentence structure, and other areas, check out our editing services.

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