Editing Services

Punchline Communications Inc. offers three types of editing services.

Substantive/Structural Editing

Substantive editing looks at the big picture — the general structure, flow, and content of your publication — focusing on

  • whether the topic is comprehensively covered
  • whether the publication, taken in its entirety, is clear
  • whether any information needs to be added, reorganized, or removed

We will suggest improvements to ensure your publication’s structure is clear, comprehensive, and logical.

Stylistic/Line Editing

Stylistic editing examines the text at its paragraph level, focusing on

  • word choice and vocabulary
  • tone and voice
  • logic and flow
  • style
  • beginnings, endings, and transitions
  • slang, inappropriate language, and jargon
  • formality (or informality)
  • bias
  • tense

We will identify and explain potential issues in your text and suggest improvements.

Copy Editing

Our basic copy-editing package ensures correctness, clarity, and consistency throughout your text, focusing on

  • identifying and suggesting solutions to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage issues
  • eliminating ambiguity
  • ensuring consistency in tables and figures
  • establishing consistency in presentation throughout your text (parallelism)
  • resolving factual inconsistencies (such as basic math and proper names)

Our copy-editing PLUS package includes all the services provided in our basic copy-editing package, and in addition, provides

  • fact-checking
  • editing photo captions
  • markup of heading levels for production editors
  • identifying copyright or libel issues
  • identifying design and typography issues

If you are not sure what kind of editing your document needs, send us an email at contactus@punchlinecommunications.com, including a sample of your text, and we will provide you with options and our service recommendations.

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