Academic Editing

No matter what type of academic paper you are working on, it will benefit from our academic editing and proofreading services. Our professional editors can edit and proofread your

  • essay, term paper, or report
  • thesis, dissertation, or proposal
  • research paper, or journal article
  • presentation.

Academic Editing Service

Our academic editing service focuses on the overall structure, tone, clarity, and logic of your paper. This service is an excellent choice for an early draft – our edits will highlight potentially problematic areas that need more work, so you know where your time is best spent. We will also do an initial pass for errors in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, word choice, and punctuation.

Proofreading/Copy-Editing Service

Our proofreading/copy-editing service is a great choice for your final draft. It should take place after potential larger issues have been resolved (see the above section). We will identify and suggest solutions to problems with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage; eliminate ambiguity; ensure consistency in tables and figures; and establish consistency in presentation throughout your text.

Flexible Delivery Times

Our team can meet your tight deadlines, and we can return a fully edited paper in as little as 24 hours (up to 10 pages).


Pricing is calculated per 250 words (approximately 1 page) and depends on delivery time and the level of editing necessary. Contact us for a quick, free quote.

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